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What types of membership options are available?

Ngarrwaa supports four types of membership, all are free of charge.

  1. Registered Members of the Public - can view content from all the Language Groups that offer publicly available content.
  2. Language Group Membership - can view content from their language group, including information that is private to the Language Group only.
  3. Language Group Editors - can manage the content of their Language Group.
  4. Language Group Leads - can invite and manage users within their Language Group.
How can I set up a new Language Group?
You must be a member of a language group to set one up. If you are, please contact VACL and we will assist you.
How can I join a Language Group
Members must be invited by others within the language group. Once a language group is setup in Ngarrwaa, members of your mob will invite you to join.
Do I have to be a VACL member to join a Language Group?
No, VACL helps provide the Ngarrwaa platform as a service to all First Nations people.
I am not an Indigenous person and I would like to access Ngarrwaa, what is the process?
Register as a member of the public, and apply for guest membership with the language groups you are interested in. Note, many language groups choose not to publish their profiles on Ngarrwaa, in which case, you will need to seek an invitation from the language group directly.
Who owns the content I add within my Language Group?
Each Language Group owns their own content. It is not owned by VACL.
I belong to a Language Group, could I print or download content from my Language Group?
Firstly, you must be authorised within Ngarrwaa to view content. At that point, you should seek approval from your Language Group to download and print.
What types of content can be managed in the Ngarrwaa platform?

The platform organises content into three primary categories:

  1. Stories - here a language group can manage general content including web pages, documents, images, audio files and videos under collections. For example, a language group might setup a “Story” about Astronomy, or Waterways or really any topic.
  2. Maps - language groups can create any number of maps, which then contain any number of pins, showing special locations such as a map of sacred sites or hunting areas.
  3. Dictionary - Ngarrwaa makes it easy to create a dictionary containing collections of words, their meanings and relate these words to other content in the platform.
Who owns the Ngarrwaa library platform?
Ngarrwaa is managed by VACL, on behalf of Victoria and Australia’s First Nations people. All content within the platform is owned by the language groups who entered it.
Can I use Ngarrwaa content as a student or teacher?
You must consult the language group who has published the content for written approval prior to any use outside the platform.

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