About Ngarrwaa

Ngarrwaa is a Digital Language Library

Our priority is our people, our languages and the continuation of our millenary cultures and lore. Ngarrwaa places at the heart of Language Revitalization our mob and a holistic approach to evade further homogenization and assimilation practices.

Our millenary knowledges are not separate from our everyday practices. Our strength and resilience carry on our deepest responsibility to address social policies that continue to place our languages in substantial disadvantage, at high risk of attrition and lowering our self-healing and wellbeing.

Ngarrwaa core values focuses on language revitalization because it is through these languages that we can re-shape every aspect of our lives. We give special importance to our oral tradition, our visual and symbolic meanings to reshape our present, future and learn from the past. Self- determination is about taking control of our present and future. We need to exercise our birth right to speak our languages, prioritise our needs and maintain our values. Access to language resources has been a journey thus Ngarrwaa is a tool designed for the use of Language Groups that are owned and managed by each language group. It is not coincidence the common view that claim languages without ownership however, in some countries, speaking other than the ‘official’ language can take of your life. Thus, we own our languages, and each language group makes decisions about how to preserve, practice and expand its meanings and significance in collaboration with your specific language group/s.

The Ngarrwaa Meaning in Gulidjan language is: a special place of conversation and deep listening and the belief of the balance of the two.

Pictured: FCAC Opening - Yunggama Artwork