Welcome to Ngarrwaa

'Ngarrwaa' comes from the Gulidjan language, meaning 'a special place of conversation and deep listening and the belief of the balance of the two'.

Ngarrwaa is a 'for us, by us' designed digital platform for our languages and cultural materials.

It is a safe and accessible Language Group specific owned and managed site where password protected access is controlled by the Language Group Lead and your corresponding Language Protocols.

You can be a part of Ngarrwaa as a general public member or, for Language group custodians, you can become a member of your Language Group.

Public Members

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Aboriginal Language Group members

When you join your Language Group you can;

  • Have access to relevant language materials and resources.
  • Be part of different sub groups within your language group.
  • Provide input, make contributions to the library and participate in language revitalisation work.

Register or talk to your Language Group lead.